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The Paz Foundation Now Active in 6 Countries

The Paz Foundation is working to protect Women and Children from domestic violence, oppression and providing educational and job-training programs worldwide.

OAKLAND, CA, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ --
The Paz Foundation established in July 2013 for the purpose of protecting and empowering women and children where such programs and services are of the utmost need. Has established a presence in the following countries: United States, Iraq, The Philippines, Vietnam, Bolivia and Colombia.

“We at the Paz Foundation wholeheartedly believe that women are the answer to making social, economic, health and human rights protection changes in every community and country they have a voice and economic opportunities.”, said Luis Aguilar founder and CEO of the Foundation.

“Our research and experience at the Foundation has confirmed and concluded two undeniable facts. By providing social, economic, education and health opportunities to women and children we can eliminate oppression and corruption. Women despise war, corruption and inequality and by giving them economic and education opportunities we can empower them to engage in politics; banking and finance; environmental protection; and medicine which are areas where major forces of change are just over the horizon” Concluded Mr. Aguilar .

The Foundation asks for your donations and spirit of volunteering for our many planned programs around the world.

Luis Ortiz Aguilar
The Paz Foundation
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