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Your-Haitian-Translator Celebrates Haitian Heritage Month with Over 300 Haitian Creole Video Lessons on YouTube

How to say Happy Mother's Day in Haitian Creole

How to say Happy Mother's Day in Haitian Creole

How to say What do you want (Kisa ou vle) in Haitian Creole

How to say What do you want (Kisa ou vle) in Haitian Creole

My YouTube Channel @yourhaitiantranslator is a valuable resource for English speakers eager to learn Haitian Creole due to the emphasis on accurate pronunciation.”
— Swans Paul
HERNANDARIAS, PARAGUAY, May 21, 2024 / -- In celebration of Haitian Heritage Month, Your-Haitian-Translator is proud to offer an extensive collection of over 300 short video lessons on YouTube, designed to make Haitian Creole pronunciation more accessible to a broader audience.

As the Haitian community continues to grow in the United States, more Americans are becoming intrigued and interested in learning Haitian Creole.

According to the platform, these video lessons are meticulously crafted to help learners improve their pronunciation of Haitian Creole, particularly for Haitian Heritage Month. The method is simple yet effective: each video starts with the phrase being taught in English, such as "How to say 'Happy Mother's Day' in Haitian Creole." This is followed by the Haitian Creole translation "Bòn Fèt Manman" displayed on the screen. Finally, the phrase is pronounced three times at a slow speed to ensure English speakers can clearly hear and repeat it.

Given that Google Translate no longer supports voice input for Haitian Creole, the YouTube channel, @yourhaitiantranslator, and tailored services provided by Your-Haitian-Translator fill a significant gap. Learners can now hear authentic Haitian Creole pronunciation by a native speaker, which has not been available on major translation platforms for over four years.

“My YouTube Channel is a valuable resource for anyone eager to learn Haitian Creole,” says Swans Paul, the founder of Your-Haitian-Translator. “With videos teaching phrases such as "I miss you" ("Mwen sonje ou"), "Call me when you're available" ("Rele mwen lè ou disponib"), and "What do you want?" ("Kisa ou vle?"), the channel covers a wide range of practical expressions that can be useful in real-life situations.

Your-Haitian-Translator also addresses specific voice requests. For instance, a prospective adoptive parent received assistance in pronouncing a child's name correctly in Haitian Creole - at no cost. Similarly, a kindergarten teacher integrating Haitian students into a graduation ceremony found the tailored pronunciation services invaluable. These personalized services highlight the channel’s commitment to catering to unique needs that machine translation cannot fulfill.

"Haitian Heritage Month is an important time to celebrate the positive impact that Haiti has had on modern history as the country that supported Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Greece in their quest for independence,” Swans states. “By providing these video lessons, we hope to make Haitian Creole more accessible and enjoyable to learn for everyone."

Swans is a firm believer that learning a new language offers numerous benefits beyond communication. Learning Haitian Creole can enhance cognitive abilities, improve memory, and increase creativity. Additionally, speaking Haitian Creole can open up trade opportunities, allowing individuals to connect with a broader range of customers and collaborators in Haiti, in Chile, in Brazil, in Mexico, in France, in the Dominican Republic, in Cuba and other countries with large Haitian communities.

In fact, speaking Haitian Creole can provide access to approximately 14 million speakers worldwide, including 200,000 in Canada. Speaking Haitian Creole also gives access to a wealth of knowledge that is not necessarily written as Haitian Creole is an evolving language and orality is still a significant aspect in how information is transmitted in the culture.

For more Haitian Creole lessons, visit .

About Swans Paul

Swans Paul, born and raised in Haiti and college-educated in the States, is the founder/owner of YourHaitianTranslator. He boasts over 7 years working as a freelance Haitian Creole translator for various translation agencies all over the world, in countries such as the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Egypt, and more.

Besides English to Haitian Creole translation services, Swans has also worked on French to English transcription projects for companies in the UK, France, and Canada - transcribing audio recordings from French into English. With his team, he can also translate Spanish audios into English, as well Brazilian-Portuguese audios into English, having worked as a private tutor for Brazilian people in Boston and given various interviews on Brazilian radio stations.
Swans is a self-professed digital nomad, currently living between Paraguay and Brazil.

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